Motivation During Quarantine

You’re stuck at home. Life has flipped upside down and nothing is the same. The new normal is scary and confusing. So how do you stay motivated? What is it that you fear? Is it job loss, bills, death? Why not flip that statement of fear and look at the opportunities, not what is lost but what can be gained.

Job Security?

Did you lose your job? Job loss can shake us to the core. Our vision of future achievement and sense of security are gone. Who will pay the bills, how will the kids eat, will we lose the house? I bet you’ve played out all the worst case scenarios over and over. Think about it though, is any job ever 100% secure? Do you think you will just give up and lose everything you’ve worked for so far? Heck no! You are a smart and resourceful person. You will overcome this, just take it one step at a time.

Look at this as an opportunity to get a better job or explore other opportunities. What is something you always wanted to do but didn’t because of money or time away from work? Covid has given you a forced freedom. Now is the time to act on the freedom. Don’t sit at home scared, take this time to explore new options, learn a new skill, change your routine and meet new people with new ideas. Take this time to work on yourself and your relationships. You have more time to spend with your wife, kids, family and friends. This is a time to fix what you didn’t like before quarantine. You have been given a new schedule and a new way to use time. Go after it. Reinvent yourself. Yeah great, but how will I pay the bills?

Make A Plan

Make a plan and take one step forward today. What is something you’re good at that pays money? Do you sell items around the house, give advice, teach others? Think about the things you already do now that people appreciate or look to you for and capitalize on those skills. This skills quiz is a great tool to give you insite into what skills you already have but may not even know about. What skills did you have in your previous job that another company would want? Put yourself out there as a person who is good at these skills and charge for them. So here come the excuses and questions. How will I do all that? Where do I start? What if I fail? I don’t have any skills. I’m worthless and haven’t done anything different in years. What if people find out I lost my job? Think outside of what is familiar and comfortable, this is a new world and will require a new you. Change your comfort level.

One Step Forward

Right, so take one step today. Commit to learn a new skill or talk to someone new. Start small by getting up 15 minutes earlier than normal to stretch, watch an inspiring YouTube video or read a blog post. Then, plan your next step. The point is to do something small and out of the ordinary to open your mind to new possibilities and form new positive habits. But you’re scared to do anything because you’ll die.

Here’s a tip, you’re going to die anyway. COVID may kill you, but only you decide whether it stops you from truly living. Do you fear a plane will fall from the sky or lightning will strike you dead? Do you stay inside because of those fears? No, you get up everyday knowing you can die today, it happens. But you push on and get things done. COVID is no different, the only thing that has changed is your perception of how real and close death is. You can fear death and do nothing or you can live until you die, the ultimate outcome is the same. So what are you going to do today? Let fear keep you sheltered in place, or open your mind and realize the possibilities before you? Let us know how you’re taking charge of quarantine in the comments below or on the contact page. We want to hear from you, we are in this together.

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