How to jump start motivation

It’s tough to stay motivated. life gets in the way other things take priority. your original motivation slowly gets lost in the day to day. So how do you get back on track?

You will discover how to mentally, physically and emotionally jump start your motivation.

Remember your why

Do you remember why you want to do what you’re trying to do? what was your original motivation? your original why? what was the feeling from accomplishing your goal? connecting emotionally to your Why helps motivate through the difficulties that arise you have to be able to rely on that feeling constantly. Your why has to be crystal clear. Are you doing your for your family are you doing it for your legacy are you doing it to impact the world don’t forget to remind yourself why

Set a timer for you

Do you intentionally set time aside every day for your personal growth development or motivation pick a time even if it’s 15 minutes every day to focus on yourself removing all distractions and as you continueAs you continue to consistently take time for yourself slowly add extra time. You can accomplish more than you imagined and fun time that you never thought you had but it starts with setting set a time now

Partner up

Find someone you can trust and will hold you accountable to stay motivated this can be a friend family member or even an online group that supports each other and motivates towards achieving a goal Facebook groups and blogs are good examples of communities online

YouTube motivation

YouTube can be a huge distraction in time waster but I can also be a source of motivation going to YouTube and watching motivational videos help me to get back into working out again inspirational stories speakers and other information I found on YouTube helped to jumpstart my motivation I play the videos driving in the work when I’m in the shower and when I wake up in the morning starting your day with a positive attitude does wonders for your progress

So how did these work for you? Let us know in the comments.

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