How to be ok with conflict and not afraid to piss people off.

Conflict will happen, but having your mindset right when it comes makes all the difference. A clear and determined mindset will allow you to push through the conflict and achieve beyond it.

Conflict intersection

Somewhere your goals and ideas will intersect with someone else’s. I relate this to the awkwardness of figuring out who goes first at a 4 way stop. The traffic laws are there, everyone should know who goes first. However, the other drivers are in a hurry or don’t follow the rules. Do you give in and let them go first or do you push through because you’re right?

Silence is acceptance

Being honest and open about the way you feel helps to avoid resentment and isolation. That little voice in your head isn’t going to go away easily. Get it out for the world to see. The ideas that die out of fear of conflict could have been the ones that change the world. This would be like letting the other person go first or not honking when they plow through the intersection out of turn.

Believe in yourself

You have to believe it first before others will. This strong belief will be scrutinized so get ready. Trust your intuition and experience knowing you bring a unique perspective on an issue many are too afraid to tackle. Constantly remind yourself and realign with your goals and your why. Know you are right by going through the intersection first, no matter what the others drivers do.

Unconventional people make change

Know that’s it’s ok to be different. It’s ok to want something better or different than others. You’ve probably felt like before but hesitated to explore it. Think about the people you admire and see as successful. I bet somewhere in their past you will find some unconventional moves. In the 1940s or 50s it was my grandpa moving away from family and a rural farming community into a big city with more jobs and opportunity. Bold move for a man who’s family had farmed for generations. That move put his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren on a much better path to succeed. Thanks Papa!

The fear of upsetting others and challenging the status quo will hold you back. Don’t be afraid to piss people off. That’s not to say go out and purposely try to make people mad, but understand that if you go against the grain and act unconventional it will make others uncomfortable and mad. Those people are not for you right now. They may never get it. But if you understand yourself, your motivations and goals and go after them with force you will find there are others like you and eventually the naysayers catch on. Robin Sharma sums this up in the quote “All great thinkers are initially ridiculed — and eventually revered.”

Jesus was a great leader, who pissed people off

If Jesus hasn’t pissed people off do you think his teachings would have had such a profound effect? And he was sinless and perfect and still pissed people off. Have good intentions behind yoir voice. Some people will react to you out of fear or some problem in their own lives. Think back to bullies in school, we all know they were that way because of their own insecurities, not yours. Name a person you admire who accomplished great things and didn’t poss anybody off? Leave it in the comments. You respect someone more by not be afraid to tell them yoir true opinion rather than just seeing their side of the situation. Look for people who help you see both sides of the situation not just your agenda. Be respectful but don’t be afraid to ruffle feathers.

How to Be Unconventional

So how can you piss people off? Do you ask the questions nobody else will? Do you challenge the status quo? Do you think unconvnetially? When a kid does something wrong you correct through discipline, this is normally repeated because the first time doesn’t worm so you correct and discipline again until eventually it is corrected.

If you are successful as an entrepreneur, you definitely will tick some people off-most likely the competitors you are putting out of business. It doesn’t mean you go out of your way to tick people off-but by definition an entrepreneur is taking a stand. Taking a stand is not going to be popular-especially because most successful startups are forward thinking and the rest of the world hasn’t caught up yet. Drawing a line in the sand won’t get you invited to many cocktail parties. Jeffrey carter points and figures

Some people are very envious of entrepreneurs because they are different. They refuse to be pigeon holed. They have embraced individual liberty, and they are walking on a tightrope without a net. That’s scary to lots and lots of people. Their fear turns to anger. Then, jealousy if the entrepreneur is successful. You’ll hear, “I could have thought of that. It’s so obvious.” Or, “That was guaranteed to be successful. They didn’t take a lot of risk.”. Well, if the idea was so transparent, and there wasn’t any chance of downside why didn’t everyone do it?

Be respected, not loved.

Don’t be afraid of the wreck. Don’t choose another road becaus it avoids intersections .

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