Inspiration sources for business

Problems What’s a problem you can solve in the world what makes you frustrated angry or sad? Have you ever said there’s got to be a better way ? Problems are opportunities for business. Seek out not only your problems, but the problems of others, and build a business around solving those problems. I wish… […]

How to aspire to be a leader

As a supervisor I am constantly leading people, I reflect back on what made me aspire to be a leader in the first place. Leadership is about helping others, making decisions and being accountable. To aspire to be a leader you must put others first, take on more responsibility and strive to make more impact, […]

Self improvement hobbies

When I’m fishing or working out I feel relaxed, I feel better. My mind is able to think more clearly and my body challenged. I don’t purposely do some of my hobbies for Self-improvement, but it does help. This got me thinking about ways other hobbies can be used for self improvement. Hobbies can be […]

Inspirational business quotes during hard times

Life and business can be hard. These quotes are from people who overcame those hard times to succeed. “We should always pray for help, but we should always listen for inspiration and impression to proceed in ways different from those we may have thought of.” – John H. Groberg “Every adversity, every failure and every […]

Motivational quotes for starting something new

Buddha “No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.” Alan Cohen “Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” Prince “Every day I feel is a blessing from God. And I consider it a new beginning. Yeah, everything is beautiful.” Henry Ford “Failure is […]

Definiteness of Purpose

Definiteness of Purpose is having a specific crystal clear goal in mind and a burning desire or passion to achieve it. This is a principle of success used by billionaires, athletes and other high performance achievers. Napoleon Hill Napoleon Hill introduced definiteness of purpose in his classic book, Think and Grow Rich. In Hill’s interviews […]

36 Growth mindset writing prompts

What can I learn from failure? What thought or thoughts are currently holding me back? Why do I have these thoughts? Who shows a great example of a growth mindset? Am I scared to fail? Why? Who has failed before and is now a success? Why didn’t they stop at the first failure? What daily […]

Prayer for growth mindset

God, I have been limiting your power within me. I have been thinking that I couldn’t do something because it was not part of your plan. I have been thinking negative and letting the world control my actions. Help me to realize you want the best and most abundance for me. The positive ideas and […]

Why do I keep failing when I try so hard?

Some people manage to win small and big victories, have a successful team of people around them, are positive, and are informed. Others cannot move at all. They seem to have the same chances of success, but they are simply unlucky. Or is it something else? Below, read more about the reasons behind the failure. […]

Why Do Executives Fail?

Whether an executive or not, we all can learn from the reasons why high level executives fail and what to do about it. In doing a little research, one common reason why executives fail is because they are still managing and not leading. My experience in going from a subordinate to supervisor was similar. I […]